Bargo Dingo Sanctuary offers unique Australian dingo opportunity

A UNIQUE Australian opportunity is waiting in Bargo, giving visitors the chance to cuddle a dingo pup – 3 November 2017… read more

The Kid Bucket List

Bargo Dingo Sanctuary : Where to See Wild Dingoes in Australia
We had an amazing time at the Sanctuary today. We shared it on our site and social media – Leah Smileski – 8 July 2017… read more

So, You Want to Own a Dingo by Berenice Walters. Part 3

The Culling of Australia’s Dingoes Is Having a Strange Effect on Plant Life

A trickle-down ecosystem .. read more

The ‘buffalo lady’ of Burraduc

Elena Swegen has been advocating for a change of attitude towards predators for many years, having noticed the immense degradation of areas where dingoes have been eliminated and consequently replaced by excessive numbers … read more

Did someone say Barbeque?

The world’s most interesting genome!

We scoured the planet for the most intriguing creepies, crawlies, leafies, and cuddlies and found quite a few. A committee of scientists selected five finalists, and community voting decided the winner. Dancing with Dingoes will receive PacBio genome sequencing and assembly … read more

Dancing with Dingoes

It’s a sweltering hot day just off the Strezlecki track in the arid landscape of northern South Australia. Huddled in the middle of the road are two tiny dingo pups, so weak they couldn’t even lap at the water offered to them .. read more

An Australian “gift to science” has been named the winner of a global competition .. read more

5 reasons to love dingoes

Despite being an Australian icon, the dingo unfortunately gets a bad rap … read more

Dingo relative rediscovered in remote highlands of New Guinea

Scientists have confirmed the existence of an ancient dog species in one of the world’s most remote places … read more

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