Baralya & Layla
Layla at 15 years - taken 2016
Photo by Heather & Linda Christison

Laya  Gender: Female  DOB: 28 June 2001
Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo
Daughter of Birra and Dusty, she is the sister of Tarlina. She is currently our oldest Dingo at 16 years this year (2017). She’s much loved and adored by our volunteers, Linda and Heather who come to the sanctuary on Sundays. Lina and Heather instigated the ‘mandatory dingo walkies’and have taught the other volunteers how to do this. Linda and Heather also always check on Laya first when they arrive at the sanctuary, being such an old girl. Laya has a lovely even temperament and beautiful to watch during her runs in the paddocks.

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