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    How to get here…

    Dingo Sanctuary Bargo
    3105A Remembrance Drive Bargo NSW 2574

    The Dingo Sanctuary is South-West of Sydney, approximately 1 hour from Sydney airport along the M5, 30 minutes from Campbelltown, 45 minutes from Wollongong and a few minutes from both Tahmoor and Bargo.

    We are on the main road (Remembrance Drive) between Tahmoor and Bargo, and about 6-7 minutes off the Hume highway between Sydney and Canberra. Click here for very simple directions. Entry to the sanctuary is via the Wirrimbirra Sanctuary entry, just follow the Dingo Sanctuary signs from there!

    On Google maps, type in Dingo Sanctuary Bargo NSW (or simply click on the link).

    Entry to the sanctuary is via the Wirrimbirra Sanctuary entry, just follow the Dingo Sanctuary signs from there!

    Follow these simple directions if you’re driving south down the M5 or the M7 freeway…
    Continue along initially heading towards Goulburn
    The road changes its name to the Hume Highway
    Continue on that road till you pass PICTON TURNOFF
    Then you will pass a garage on left
    Next turnoff will be Avon Dam Road veer into that turnoff
    Once you go to end of that small turnoff, turn right into Avon Dam Road
    Cross over the Hume highway and drive through a small township
    Turn left at the first turn over a brick railway bridge
    Once over the bridge turn right into Remembrance Drive
    Drive through Bargo
    A few kilometres down you will see a brown sign on the left (hard to see)
    The sign will say Wirrimbirra Sanctuary
    Opposite that sign on the RIGHT is a driveway, turn/drive into that driveway
    Once you are into the area turn LEFT in the carpark and straight ahead will be a sign
    The sign will have an arrow sending you down to the back keeping the sandstone shade cloth on your left
    Please drive safely and we’ll see you soon!

    Google Maps  -scroll or pinch to zoom-

    • 3105A Remembrance Drive Bargo NSW 2574 Australia