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    Meet the dingoes

    The Dingo Sanctuary is a conservation and breeding program for up to 32 pure Australian Dingoes. Our aim is to prove they have a positive influence on our ecosystem in Australia. To prove they are an eco friendly approach and not the vermin they are seen to be. Many farmers are now realising this. We rely on your generosity to continue the research and fight to have them protected through donations, memberships and sponsoring. The most effective way you can help the dingoes and the research programs is by visiting and learning about the dingoes here, and by sponsoring or sending a donation of any amount.


    Gender: Male  DOB: 29/7/03
    Birthplace: Australian Woolshed Brisbane Queensland
    Donated to the sanctuary by a Wildlife Park in Southern Queensland who was unable to keep him … read more

    Sponsors:   Meredith Campbell (Alice Springs, NT)

    Mirri Mirri

    Gender: Female  DOB: 25/7/03
    Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo
    Mother to Tyipa, Gunyah & Cooinda … read more

    Sponsors:   Paul Keller (Wollongong, NSW)


    Gender: Female DOB: 28/7/09
    Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo
    Cooinda is the fourth generation pup bred in the sanctuary of this particular line… read more

    Valerie, Emily and Tony Williams (Thirlmere, NSW)
    Luci Ellem (Hill Top, NSW)


    Gender: Male DOB: 28/7/09
    Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo
    Gunyah with his brother Tyipa and Cooinda were born at the Sanctuary… read more

    Irene Norris
    Luci Ellem (Hill Top, NSW)


    Gender: Male DOB: 28/7/09
    Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo
    Tyipa is the fourth generation pup bred in the sanctuary of this particular line… read more

    Sponsors:   Rebecca Bancroft (Raby, NSW)


    Gender: Female DOB: 2/8/15
    “Jarli” aboriginal for “Barn Owl”… read more

    Heather and Aja Bailey
    Aimee Goggins (Thirlmere, NSW)


    Gender: Female DOB: 17/4/14
    Guyra has paired up with Gunyah. Her mum is Kora and dad is Apari … read more

    Sponsors:   Paul Keller (Wollongong, NSW)


    Gender:  Female  DOB: 31/7/13
    “Arika” aboriginal for “Water Lily”… read more


    Gender:  Male  DOB: 10/5/12
    “Arley” aboriginal for “Go Under”… read more


    Gender: Male  DOB: 27/7/14
    Gubbah appeals to our volunteers and visitors due to his white colour… read more

    Sponsors: Kristy-lea Cregan


    Gender: Female DOB: 9/8/15
    Oola was born in 2015 at the sanctuary… read more

    Sponsors: Nathan Wright


    Gender: Male  DOB: 2/8/15
    Birthplace: Victoria
    “Jarrah” aboriginal for “Eucalyptus Tree”… read more

    Nathan Wright
    David Simpson (Blacktown, NSW)


    Gender: Male  DOB: 21/6/16
    Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo
    A very recent addition to the sanctuary… read more

    Sponsors: Nathan Wright


    Gender: Male  DOB: 31/7/13

    Kulan was rescued from Nambucca Heads… read more


    Gender: Male  DOB: 27/7/14
    Kinta loves entertaining visitors with his chasing games… read more


    Gender: Male  DOB: 27/7/14

    Sponsors:   Danah Stringfellow (Mount Annan, NSW)


    Gender: Male DOB: 25/5/10
    Chipala and his sibling Yelka are desert Dingoes from Northern Territory… read more

    Sponsors:  Clare Holdem (Bargo, NSW)


    Gender: Female DOB: 16/5/13
    Kora and her dingo mate Apari were donated to us from Dingo discovery Centre in Victoriaread more

    Sponsors:   Carol & Howard Domsalla


    Gender: Female  DOB: 2/8/13
    Kymba was surrendered to us, she came from a family who bought her thinking that she would be a good house pet… read more


    Gender: Male  DOB: 17/5/14

    Sponsors: Hills Dog Club Inc


    Gender: Female  DOB: 25/5/10
    Yelka and her brother Chipala are desert Dingoes from Northern Territory… read more

    Sponsors:   Elke Joris (Collaroy, NSW)


    Gender: Male  DOB: 16/5/13
    Apari and his Dingo partner Kora were donated to us from Dingo Discovery Centre in Victoria… read more

    Sponsors:   Tania Samia (Smithfield, NSW)


    Gender: Male  DOB: 26/6/05
    Place of Birth: The Australian Dingo Conservation Association Inc.
    “Baralga” aboriginal for “Native Companion”… read more


    Gender: Male  DOB: 25/7/03
    Birthplace: Dingo Sanctuary Bargo
    Brother to Wandoo, parents Tarlina and Ellie… read more


    Gender: Male  DOB: 17/5/14
    “Cobar” aboriginal for “Burnt Earth”

    Sponsors:   Hills Dog Club Inc


    Gender: Male  DOB: 31/7/13
    “Mungka” aboriginal for “Thunder”
    Mungka & Arika were rescued by the sanctuary
    read more

    Sponsors:   Chloe Gardner (Denham Court, NSW)


    Gender: Female  DOB: 5/5/15
    Allira came from the Australia Zoo in 2016… read more


    Gender: Female  DOB: 5/5/15
    One of our newest additions to the sanctuary… read more


    Gender: Female  DOB: 2017
    “Pinchi”, aboriginal for “Salt Water Crocodile” … read more

    Sponsors:   Kylie Honeybrook (Bradbury, NSW)


    Gender: Female  DOB: 2017
    “Kareela” aboriginal for “South Wind”. She arrived at sanctuary November 2017… read more

    Sponsor a dingo today!

    Sponsorship is $300 Australian Dollars annually.

    Our aim is to educate the public. There is no better way than to visit the dingoes here and learn about their individual histories. The dingo evolved and adapted in the Australian environment, nobody really knows how many years. They are deeply social and also pack animals, and an apex predator in a pack situation. In a stable pack situation they are known to keep the introduced species numbers’ in control – the foxes, rabbits, feral cats, goats and pigs. Unfortunately the government thinks otherwise.  Our Sanctuary teaches people why these animals deserve our protection.

    Your money goes towards the upkeep of a dingo of your choice. As this amount of money does not fully cover an animal for a year, multiple sponsorships are available.

    This then will include not only food, but also maintenance of the dingoes accommodation (naturally vegetated enclosures of between 150 and 1250 square metres, and larger exercise areas), veterinary care, DNA testing and genetic testing such as hip x-rays and eye examinations. And our continuing fight and research contributions to the Australian Dingoes and their preservation.

    Become a sponsor