Oola with Jarli
Oola & Jarrah with Dylan Vale 7/11/16
Rangi, Oola and Jarrah
Rangi, Oola and Jarrah
Oola with Dylan Vale 7/11/16
Oola & Jarrah

Oola  Gender: Female  DOB: 9th August 2015
Oola was born in 2015 at the sanctuary. Proud mother of Rangi with her partner Jarrah and bosses both around. Her son Trutta went to Townsville to become a mascot for the army. Oola absolutely adores chasing her hubby and son in the yard, stirring up a dust storm every time. When she’s had enough and all worn out she’s straight into the cool pool. A game she loves to play is ‘find the rock at the bottom of the pool’.

Sponsors: Nathan Wright

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