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    Yes! I want to sponsor a dingo

    Dingo Sanctuary Bargo is a not-for-profit organisation, so if you choose to sponsor a Dingo you will be helping thousands of dingoes. Our aim is to have the Dingo recognised as an Australian native keeping nature in balance. And to stop the senseless killing through trapping, indiscriminate killing and the horrible 1080 poisoning which is still being used today.

    Our sponsors are welcome to visit as often as they want and interact with their sponsored dingo, and the other dingoes too!

    If you would like to use your Credit or Debit card simply select the PayPal method of payment. You do NOT need to sign in or have an account with Paypal to make a payment through this option. When the Paypal screen appears look for the Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Click on the Continue next to this and fill in the details and send!

    Is this payment secure and will my card details be safe? Yes! Paypal is 100% secure and encrypted. Absolutely none of your banking details are visible to us or recorded. We use Paypal as a payment gateway so that your payment can be made safely and securely.

    I would like to submit $300.00 AUD for the Sponsorship

    If you’re not sure which Dingo you would like to sponsor, click here to meet the dingoes

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