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    Help the sanctuary continue …

    Sponsors, donations required. Please help us conserve the Australian Dingo


    Sponsorship is $300 Australian Dollars annually. We accept Paypal, Direct Deposits and cheques made out to ANDCS Limited.

    To choose a dingo click on the button below or go to Meet the Dingoes and select which one you’d like to sponsor. Click on the photo and the sponsorship details will appear. Or alternatively e-mail us at for details. You are welcome to sponsor more then one dingo.

    Your money goes towards the upkeep of a dingo of your choice. As this amount of money does not fully cover an animal for a year, multiple sponsorships are available.

    This then will include not only food, but also maintenance of the dingoes accommodation (naturally vegetated enclosures of between 150 and 1250 square metres, and larger exercise areas), veterinary care, DNA testing and genetic testing such as hip x-rays and eye examinations.

    You can add your own photos and keep tabs on your sponsored Dingo through this site. We encourage everyone to get involved, so keep an eye on this site for updates!



    A great alternative to sponsorship if you still want to be a part of the family but need a lower cost option. The cost is $50.00 AUD for singles and $60.00 for families, and as a benefit of membership you are welcome to come and visit us and we will give you a guided tour during which you can get up close and personal with the dingoes.  As far as other benefits, they go to the Dingoes (no wages paid – we are all unpaid volunteers).

    For international Sponsorships and Memberships please send payment in Australian Dollars. Thank You.

    Thanks for your support and interest! If you would like to become a member today please click on the button below.


    One off Donations

    One off donations also help us help the Dingoes, please email us to arrange a one off donation or use the button below.



    Please click here to download the Bequest form in PDF format. You can either print or save this form from your browser window.